Pandya Store: Upcoming Twist! Raavi becomes Arushi's pawn!

Pandya Store: Upcoming Twist! Raavi becomes Arushi's pawn!

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In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, Raavi will become a pawn for Arushi.

The current track of Panda Store revolves around Arushi challenging Dhara that she will marry Shiva at any cost and that neither she nor her mom will leave Somnath.

Arushi even sends Dhara a selfie of her and Shiva which gets noticed by Raavi and Raavi goes to knock some sense into Arushi despite Dhara's urging to let her handle the matter.

As per the latest spoiler of Pandya Store, Arushi manipulates Raavi by claiming that Dhara is the one who wants her to marry Shiva.

Arushi states that Dhara can not stay away from her as she is Dhara's sister and their Bhagodi mother, Malti Devi.

According to the new twist, Raavi confronts Dhara about Arushi's truth as she believed Arushi's lies.

She accuses Dhara of trying to ruin her life for her sister's sake.

Let's watch the future episodes of Pandya Store to see how long Arushi is able to manipulate Raavi by using Raavi's insecurities.

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