Parineeti: Current Story Track! Fifty reasons to HATE Rajeev!

Parineeti: Current Story Track! Fifty reasons to HATE Rajeev!

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In the upcoming story of Parineeti, Rajeev will once again prove why he is unworthy of both Pari and Neeti.

The current track of Pariniti revolves around Neeti joining hands with Rakesh, offering him to give Pari.

As per the latest spoiler of Parineeti, Neeti, and Rakesh pull a nasty trick on Pari by making her unconscious.

When Rajeev learns that Rakesh was in Pari's room, he gets furious in jealousy.

In today's article let's explore why Rajeev is UNFIT for both Pari and Neeti.

In earlier episodes of Parineeti, Rajeev was forced to marry Pari by his mother Gurinder.

He always thought Pari is inferior to him so he never respected her despite Pari's efforts to make him happy.

However, he then marries Neeti behind Pari's back and therefore the dual life begins for him, and born a new person who is Sanju Mehra.

Even when Pari learns the truth, he plays the role of victim, stating that no one understands his side of the story.

Further, his attitude toward Pari suddenly takes a 360-degree turn when Pari voluntarily becomes the surrogate mother for him and Neeti.

According to the latest twist of Parineeti, his treatment towards Neeti also changes as Neeti starts confronting him about being too kind toward Pari.

He does not miss any opportunity to humiliate Pari whenever he feels like Pari is not being the ideal wife and he also compares Neeti to Pari all the time since Neeti is more outspoken than Pari.

Rajeev shows Neeti affection only when it is convenient for him.

Otherwise, he is always busy taking care of Pari since Pari is carrying his child.

These are a few reasons why Rajeev is not a good partner for both Pari and Neeti and the serial should soon take a better turn.

Let's keep watching the future episodes of Parineeti to see if Rajeev's character improves or if he remains a shallow person.

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