Parineeti: Latest Spoiler! Pari Gets Arrested

Parineeti: Latest Spoiler! Pari Gets Arrested

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In the upcoming episodes of Parineeti, Pari will get arrested.

The current story of Parineeti revolves around Pari and Rajeev saving Neeti and taking her to the hospital where they find out that Neeti is not responding to the treatment.

Pari is deep in guilt for leaving Neeti behind and feels very bad.

According to the latest spoiler of the Parineeti serial, Pari will get arrested for Neeti's murder and will be taken to the police station in between her marriage with Rajeev.

Has Pari killed Neeti? When will she even birth the baby?

Let us watch the future episodes of Parineeti to see how Rajeev saves Pari from this disaster.

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