Parineeti: Madhu succeeds in her evil intent

Parineeti: Madhu succeeds in her evil intent

In the upcoming episodes of Parineeti, Pari will feel confident after seeing Jankee ji coming into the court to defend Rajeev by confessing the truth.

So far in the track, Rajeev is being presented in court for the final judgment of the Judge where Balli tries his best to defend Rajeev.

According to the recent developments, Jankee ji instead of defending Rajeev put all the allegations over him making him the culprit in everyone's eye which breaks Pari's heart.

However, as per the promo, Neeti will engage in an argument with her while Madhu will enjoy her victory along with her lawyer.

Let us watch the future episodes of Pariniti to see what will be Rajeev's fate.

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