Parineeti: New Promo! Neeti slaps Pari!

Parineeti: New Promo! Neeti slaps Pari!

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In the upcoming story of Parineeti, Neeti will slap Pari!

So far in the track of Pariniti, Rajeev has started shamelessly taking care of Pari in front of Neeti, knowing full well that Neeti does not like when Rajeev gives special treatment.

Neeti even overhears Rajeev and Rakesh arguing about who is better to take care of Pari which sends her over the edge in anger.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Parineeti, Neeti's anger breaks when she hears Rajeev asking Pari if she really wants to marry Rakesh.

However, later Pari and Rajeev both suddenly pull each other into a tight hug in front of everyone amidst the wedding functions.

This scene is the last straw in Neeti's anger and she pulls Pari away from Rajeev's embrace to slap her.

Is the slap the last nail in the coffin of PariNeeti's friendship?

Let's keep watching the future episodes of Pariniti to see how this slap breaks Pari's delusional mindset of having Neeti as her best friend and whose side Rajeev takes now, Pari or Neeti.

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