Parineeti: New Spoiler! Neeti to encounter Sanju with Pari!

Parineeti: New Spoiler! Neeti to encounter Sanju with Pari!

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In the upcoming story of the Parineeti serial, Parineet and Rajeev will be in a big problem as they are held hostages in the bank by the robbers.

Pari also meets a psychic lady who warns her about the dual-faced Rajeev as she got bad vibes from Parineet’s husband.

In the new episode of Parineeti, Pari and Rajeev will somehow be saved from the eyes of the robbers and will manage to make a phone call.

As per the spoiler of Parineeti, Parineet will call Neeti to ask for help as they are stuck in the bank with the robbers.

The viewers will see Neeti arriving at the bank with courage and valor to save her friend and teach the robbers a lesson.

In the upcoming twists of Parineeti, Neeti will see her fiance Sanju hiding in close proximity to Parineet and waiting for help.

Let us watch the future episodes of Pariniti to find out if Neeti will find out Sanju’s truth that he is Paineet’s husband Rajeev or if the makers are going to play hide and seek for a few more months.

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