Parineeti: Serial Spoiler! Neeti claims Parineet's Mangalsutra!

Parineeti: Serial Spoiler! Neeti claims Parineet's Mangalsutra!

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In the upcoming story of Parineeti, Neeti will snatch Parineet's Mangalsutra while jewelry shopping with Pari.

So far in the story of Pariniti, Pari joins Neeti for her Mangalsutra shopping and helps her to select the best jewelry.

As per the spoiler of Parineeti, Neeti will say that she wants a Mangalsutra just like Parineet's and tries Parineet's Mangalsutra on her.

The viewers will see Neeti flaunting Parineet's Mangalsutra while Pari gets scared to lose her husband Rajeev to Neeti.

In the upcoming twists of Parineeti, Parineet will see Rajeev in the mirror in which Neeti tries her Mangalsutra.

Rajeev will approve Neeti's choice and gives her a green light on the design she chose, while Pari watches Rajeev in shock.

Let us watch the future episodes of Pariniti to find out if Parineet will find out the truth behind her intuition related to Mangalsutra.

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