Parineeti: Upcoming Story! Pari Defends Neeti despite Betrayal

Parineeti: Upcoming Story! Pari Defends Neeti despite Betrayal

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In the upcoming story of Parineeti, Pari will defend Neeti despite her betrayal.

So far in the track of Pariniti, Neeti defames Pari in front of everyone, accusing her of trying to steal her husband while Rajeev asks her to watch her tongue.

Meanwhile, Mrs Mehra sides with Pari and asks Neeti not to utter a single ill word about Pari, expressing her intolerance towards such remarks.

According to the latest spoilers of the Parineeti serial, Pari will become emotional and stand up for Neeti, despite the numerous accusations Neeti has made against her.

Moreover, Pari requests Mrs Mehra to remain calm, explaining that there's a deeper untold story behind the animosity reflected in Neeti's eyes towards her.

Let us watch the future episodes of Parineeti to see how Mrs Mehra manages to tolerate Neeti's behaviour and if Neeti has a change of heart.

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