Parineeti: Upcoming Story! Pari goes into coma

Parineeti: Upcoming Story! Pari goes into coma

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In the upcoming story of Parineeti, Pari will go into a comatose stage.

So far in the track of Pariniti, Rajeev decides to get married to Pari after his fallout with Neeti.

According to the latest twists of Parineeti, Pari, and Rajeev's wedding ceremony is at a halt after the unforeseen event where Neeti plans to kill Pari by pushing her from the bridge.

As per the upcoming Parineeti promo, Bebe will support Neeti in bad things due to which Pari will suffer and she will go into a coma

What will happen now? Will Rajeev be able to bring back Pari from a coma?

Let us watch the future episodes of Pariniti to see how a twist will occur after Pari goes into a coma and how will Rajeev handle the situation.

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