Parineeti: Upcoming Twist! Neeti Forces Rajeev to Fall for Pari

Parineeti: Upcoming Twist! Neeti Forces Rajeev to Fall for Pari

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In the upcoming story of Parineeti, Neeti's hostile behavior towards Pari and her efforts to get rid of her backfires it just make Rajeev more and more sympathetic towards Pari.

The current story of Pariniti revolves around Neeti meticulously curating a plan to end Pari's chapter once in for all secretly with the help of Bebe and some contract killers.

According to the latest twists of Parineeti, all of Neeti's attempts to get rid of Pari failed, and added to that Rajeev developed a dislike towards Neeti while a much softer spot of Pari. 

He even makes it clear that he does not want to talk to Neeti ever and instead spends his time taking care of Pari.

Meanwhile, Parminder also blames Neeti for being too hateful towards Pari.

Will Rajeev leave Neeti and continue his relationship with Pari as he is falling in love with her slowly but surely?

Let us watch the future episodes of Pariniti to see what happens when Rajeev and Pari start getting closer while Neeti is completely abandoned by everyone.

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