Parineeti: Upcoming Twist! Neeti Kidnaps Rajeev

Parineeti: Upcoming Twist! Neeti Kidnaps Rajeev

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In the upcoming story of Parineeti, Neeti will orchestrate a daring plot and kidnap Rajeev.

As the festivities reach their crescendo, Neeti will Rajeev in a daring move that leaves the entire family bewildered.

According to the latest twists of Parineeti, the Bajwa family will be unsuspecting that Neeti could stoop this low.

On the other hand, Sukhwinder doesn't want her daughter to mull over Rajeev and thinks that he has moved on.

Will Neeti's jealousy drive her to kidnap Rajeev as he has chosen Pari instead of her?

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Parineeti to see how Neeti is going to execute this scheme of hers along with Bebe's aid who always wants quarrels to happen in the Bajwa family.

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