Parineeti: Upcoming Twist! Rajeev To Expose Daljeet

Parineeti: Upcoming Twist! Rajeev To Expose Daljeet

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In the upcoming Parineeti serial story, Rajeev AKA Sanju will pull out Daljeet's veil of goodness.

The current track of Pariniti shows the Bajwa's decorating the house, thus preparing themselves for Parminder’s Birthday, to show their appreciation to her. 

According to the latest spoilers of Parineeti, Daljeet will do an amazing dance, making Parminder dance with him too.

However, Rajeev AKA Sanju knows that Daljeet is up to no good and will soon pull out his gentlemanly veil.

Will Daljeet be ousted from the Bajwa House after Rajeev realizes that Daljeet has his eyes on Pari as well as Neeti?

Let us watch the future episodes of Parineeti to see if Rajeev's words are taken into consideration by the Bajwa family or not to take strict action against Daljeet.

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