Pishachini Upcoming Story: Rani's hidden motive behind getting into Rocky's house!

Pishachini Upcoming Story: Rani's hidden motive behind getting into Rocky's house!

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The upcoming story of Colors TV's supernatural show Pishachini will showcase an enchantress named Rani luring Rocky to enter his house with a hidden motive.

Apparently, Rocky is a college student from a renowned and respectable family all around the city. 

He also has a sweet and loving girlfriend whose name is Pavitra.

The couple is the polar opposite of each other as Rocky likes everything modern including partying and enjoying night-outs with friends.

However, Pavitra is a sincere girl who keeps to herself and is a devotee of Devi Shakti.

As for Rani, she is a centuries-old pishachini/enchantress who feeds on the souls of the living to feed her blood-thirsty hunger.

According to the latest gossip of the Pishachini serial, she has her eyes on Rocky's home for her own selfish interior motives for a long time but has not been able to enter the house due to not being invited into the house.

Rani's strength lies in her charming beauty and especially her long hair while her weakness is that she cannot enter a house until she is invited inside the house by one of the family members.

As per Rani's plans, she will take the form of a beautiful and mesmerizing lady who will be studying in the same college as Rocky to get his attention.

Further, Rani will use her cunningness and her beauty to lure Rocky to her and get married to him to get into his house using him as a puppet in her revenge plan.

However, Pavitra will come to learn about Rani's true identity and fight against Rani to save Rocky and his whole family from Rani's evilness.

In reality, Rani's real reason behind wanting to get into Rocky's house is that she wants to get revenge on one of the family members who betrayed her and broke her heart in the past.

It will be interesting to see how Pavithra fights with a strong enchantress like Rani and if she can stop her from entering Rocky's house.

Let's see how love blossoms between Rocky and Pavithra while fighting off Rani the pisachini in the upcoming episodes of the Pishachini serial.

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