Qurbaan Hua: Chahat to find evidence

Qurbaan Hua: Chahat to find evidence

Qurbaan Hua spoiler update:

In the upcoming story of Qurbaan Hua, Chahat (Pratibha Ranta) will find evidence to save Neelkanth (Karan Jotwani) from the death punishment.

Up until now in Qurbaan Hua, Neelkanth receives a death sentence from the court.

Akram comes to Gazala (Parakh Madan) and tells her that he wanted to kill Neel but his father came in middle and he mistakenly shot him. Later, he shot Neel and exchanged the fake gun with the real one.

Chahat listens to the conversation and gets shocked. She is heartbroken to see the true face of Gazala and Akram.

Now as per the latest news of Qurbaan Hua, Chahat will find the exchanged gun as evidence to prove Neel is innocent.

Later, all will be seen in the police station watching Neel getting his death punishment according to the gossip alert of Qurbaan Hua.

Let’s see if Chahat will be able to save Neel in the future story of Qurbaan Hua (क़ुरबान हुआ).

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