Qurbaan Hua SPOILER: Chahat and Neel's marriage to end

Qurbaan Hua SPOILER: Chahat and Neel's marriage to end

Qurbaan Hua Latest News: 

In the upcoming story of the Qurbaan Hua serial, villagers will put a gun on Chahat's (Pratibha Ranta) head to marry Alakhnanda with Neel (Karan Jotwani).

Up until now in Qurbaan Hua serial, Nurpath dies due to a city person taking his property, agreeing to marry Alakhnanda but does not come in the Mandap.

Chahat promises the villagers that she will provide justice to Alakhnanda by marying her with the person who wronged her.

Neel is held responsible as he signed the papers while Neel is confused that he does not even know the girl. 

Neel realises how Baleq made him sign the property papers, but Baleq does not accept.

Further, Chahat is stunned that villagers are blaming Neel who is his husband.

Villagers put the gun on Chahat's head for marrying Neel but Alakhnanda refuses as he is already married.

Now as per spoiler alert of Qurbaan Hua serial, Gazala will thank Baleq for successfully realizing their plans of ending Chahat's and Neel marriage.

Alakhnanda will recognize Baleq as the same person who was sitting in the car for making property deals for Nurpath as per serial gossip of the Qurbaan Hua serial.

Let's see if Neel and Chahat's marriage will be saved in the future story of the Qurbaan Hua serial.

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