Radha Krishna Latest Spoiler: Krishna to meet Jambavati

Radha Krishna Latest Spoiler: Krishna to meet Jambavati

RadhaKrishn future twists:

In the upcoming episodes of Radha Krishn serial, Krishna will meet her second wife Jambavati and her father for the first time.

So far in Radha Krishna serial, the Satyabhama track was introduced while Rukmini is not happy with her behavior. She even writes to her father to seek help but Rukmi is planning something evil after learning Krishna and Balram are not in Dwarka.

Now as per the spoiler news of RadhaKrishna serial, the second wife of Krishna, Jambavati will come face to face with him along with her father.

She will be having the Ratna which Balram and Krishna are out searching according to the gossip updates of Radha Krishna serial.

Let’s see what happens next in the future story of Radha Krishn serial.

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