Radha Krishna Latest Spoiler: Krishna to unfold new story

Radha Krishna Latest Spoiler: Krishna to unfold new story

RadhaKrishn future twists:

In the upcoming episodes of Radha Krishn serial, Krishna will unfold a new storyline and a new turn after he will receive a letter from Radha.

So far in Radha Krishna serial, Radha and Rukmini together figured the way to kill Jarasandh is to cut him in half. Later, Revati and Balram came face to face with Jarasandh while Balram was unable to kill him.

Also, Rukmini’s father also told Rukmini about Radha and how she can help them send the message to Krishna.

Now as per the spoiler news of RadhaKrishna serial, now Radha will write a letter to Krishna revealing the right way to kill Jarasandh.

Krishna will receive both Radha and Bhishmak’s letter but will not open Bhishmak’s letter. He will further reveal that the letter will bring a new turn in the story according to the gossip updates of Radha Krishna serial.

Let’s see what happens next in the future story of Radha Krishn serial.

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