Radha Krishna Serial: Radha to get accused

Radha Krishna Serial: Radha to get accused

RadhaKrishn Latest News:

In the upcoming episodes of Radha Krishna serial, Radha will face humiliation as everyone will think she is the reason Samantak Mani was stolen.

So far in RadhaKrishna story, Balram was asked by Krishna to protect the Samantak Mani. He also threatens to throw them in Pataal Lok if anyone attempts to steal the Mani.

Now as per the latest news of RadhaKrishna, Balram confronts Krishna while Radha is humiliated by the people in Dwarka.

They will accuse Radha of stealing the Samantak Mani. Meanwhile, Balram will be seen trying to track the Samantak Mani according to the gossip updates of RadhaKrishn.

Let’s see if Balram is able to find the Samantak Mani in the future story of Radha Krishn serial.

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