Radha Mohan: Yug's Lethal Gift To Scare Dadi

Radha Mohan: Yug's Lethal Gift To Scare Dadi

Yug's lethal gift to scare Dadi before which Mohan and Yug make fun of Radha respectively as she throws a coconut at him.

Further, Dadi asks Poonam to save Radha from Yug's obsession as it can be dangerous while Yug warns Poonam to not poke her nose between him and Radha.

There, Radha sends an apology note to Mohan with a bouquet which is destroyed by Gungun as she loses her cool.

Mohan angrily says that he'll do the registry tomorrow only and will thank Radha too for the bouquet and Gungun should understand the wrong.

Meanwhile, Gungun thinks she wants to keep Radha away from them.

On the other hand, Yug stops Dadi from going stating she won't go anywhere as there is a gift for her.

What will be Yug's gift?

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