Raja Beta future story: Vedant wins over Ramesh

Raja Beta future story: Vedant wins over Ramesh

In the upcoming story of Raja Beta, Vedant (Rrahul Sudhir) will once again win over evil Ramesh.

Previously on Raja Beta serial, Vedant was trapped by Ramesh’s plan. Ramesh asks Pritam to marry Gomti only when Poorva will leave Vedant.

Vedant loved Poorva and didn’t want her to suffer.

Fortunately, Pritam’s sick mother treatment came in Vedant's hands. Vedant cured Pritam’s mother. Vedant’s favor indebted Pritam. He revoked his condition.

As per the challenge, Vedant will now lay three conditions on Ramesh. He will ask Ramesh to accept Poorva wholeheartedly, Ramesh will all Poorva to fulfill her passion, and last Ramesh will have to address Vedant as his son.

Will Ramesh accept Vedant’s condition?

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