Raja Beta latest gossip: Pankhuri to brainwash Poorva

Raja Beta latest gossip: Pankhuri to brainwash Poorva

Raja Beta future story twist:

Pankhudi will instigate Poorva by asking her to beware of Vedant’s real intentions for her child, states the new spoilers of Raja Betaa serial.

Presently, in Raja-Beta story, Poorva is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child. Vedant decided to accept the child as his own in front of all the family members.

On the other hand, Pankhuri wants to break the love bond between Vedant and Poorva and so has played a dirty game against Poorva.

Depending upon the spoilers of Raaja Beta serial, Vedant will get hell shocked to find out that the child in Poorva’s womb is suffering from HIV.

Vedant will plan to abort the child for the sake of Poorva’s wellbeing but will avoid telling the truth to Poorva initially.

Further, based on the gossip twists of Rajaa Betaa serial, Pankhudi will manipulate Poorva by calling Vedant’s care for the child fake.

Pankhuri will advise Poorva not to trust Vedant blindly concerning her pregnancy matters in the future episodes of Raja Betaa.

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