Raja Beta upcoming twist: Vedant & Poorva come close

Raja Beta upcoming twist: Vedant & Poorva come close

The next episode of Raja Beta will have a visual treat for viewers where Vedant (Rrahul Sudhir) and Poorva will be seen coming close to each other.

Until now, Gomti created a lot of drama when Poorva forgot her bichua at her Naani’s place.

Later on Raaja Beta serial, Vedant will bring the bichua from Naani’s house. He will help Poorva by making her wear them with his own hands.

Vedant will put in the bichua in a way that it doesn’t hurt Poorva’s injured finger.

Poorva will be happy with Vedant’s gesture. The couple will share some romantic glances with each other.

Will Vedant’s sweet nature spark love between Vedant and Poorva? Let’s see in the future story of Raja Beta serial.

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