Rajjo: Upcoming Story! Kalindi sends Arjun to jail!

Rajjo: Upcoming Story! Kalindi sends Arjun to jail!

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In the upcoming story of Rajjo, Kalindi will send Arjun to jail.

So far in the episodes of Rajjo, Rajjo has successfully brought out Pushkar's evil plans in front of everyone.

Later that night, Niharika decorates Arjun's room for his and Rajjo's first night.

Afterward, Niharika informs Kalindi that Arjun may not throw Rajjo out of his life, Rajjo will go away on her own causing Kalindi to smile devilishly.

Niharika then makes Arjun drink alcohol which contains drugs.

As per the latest spoiler of Rajjo, Rajjo catches Arjun and Niharika in the bed together.

Niharika portrays herself as innocent while blaming everything on the alcohol and Arjun believes her.

According to the latest twist of Rajjo, Kalindi calls the police to arrest Arjun who has kept an illicit relationship with Niharika on the pretense of marriage.

The police drag Arjun away despite Rajjo and Madhumalti's protest while Kalindi smirks.

Now let's watch the future episodes of Rajjo to see how Rajjo will prove Arjun's innocence and how Chirag will deal with Kalindi's hatred toward Rajjo.

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