Rajjo: Upcoming Story Twist! Rocky Stabs Kalindi!

Rajjo: Upcoming Story Twist! Rocky Stabs Kalindi!

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In the upcoming story of Rajjo, Rocky will stab Kalindi.

The current track of Rajjo revolves around Kalindi being blackmailed by Rocky whom she foolishly had an affair. 

According to the latest twists of Rajjo, Rocky arranges a meeting with Kalindi in a room on the day of the race and stabs her with a fruit knife when they have an argument. 

Just then Chirag and Rajjo arrive at the room and are shocked to see Kalindi lying on the ground with a knife in her stomach. 

Rocky tries to run but the rest of the family members also comes there and sees him. 

What will happen now? Will Rocky succeed in running away from the crime scene?

Let us see in the future story episodes of Rajjo to find out how Rajjo runs after Rocky and captures him while Chirag and Kalindi come under scrutiny for Rocky's behaviour. 

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