Rudrakaal: Jayant to sacrifice himself for saving Anshuman

Rudrakaal: Jayant to sacrifice himself for saving Anshuman

Rudrakaal Spoiler Alert:

In the upcoming episodes of Rudrakaal serial, Jayant will save Anushuman (Rudraksh Jaiswal) from getting and will sacrifice himself while Tanisha will be shocked.

Up until now in Rudrakaal story, Malik kidnapped Anuman and threatened Ranjan to kill him if he doesn't reach the given location with his drugs.

Further, Ranjan managed to trick Malik and blasted the drugs on fire while the police team game there to help Ranjan.

Now as per the serial gossips of Rudrakaal, Malik will be about to shoot Anshuman while Jayant will come at the right tike and will push him away and in turn will shot.

Tanisha will be witnessing the scene and will be shocked to see her father die while Malik will escape from there and will hide in Fulchand's mansion.

Anshuman will further get paranoid and will become mentally unstable.

Let's see what will Malik do next to get revenge in the upcoming story of Rudrakaal (रुद्रकाल).

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