SAAKK: Anokhi finds out about Vineet kidnapping Shaurya

SAAKK: Anokhi finds out about Vineet kidnapping Shaurya

SAAKK Upcoming Twist:

In the upcoming story of the SAAKK serial, Anokhi (Debattama Saha) will follow Vineet and will find out that he is the one who kidnapped Shaurya (Karanvir Sharma).

The current story of the SAAKK serial revolves around Babli taking a firm stand against Vineet and telling him that she wants a divorce from him.

In the recent episodes of SAAKK, Shaurya's family got tensed due to kidnappers not calling for ransom while Aastha fell unconscious.

Now as per the SAAKK serial gossips, Anokhi will find Shaurya's watch in Vineet's room and will follow him.

She will further find out that Vineet is the one who has kidnapped Shaurya and will reach Shaurya's house to inform his family about it.

Let's see what will Anokhi do next to find Shaurya in the future spoilers of the SAAKK serial.

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