SAAKK: Shaurya to do the unthinkable

SAAKK: Shaurya to do the unthinkable

SAAKK Upcoming Story:

In the future episodes of SAAKK serial, Shaurya (Karanvir Sharma) will do the unthinkable by putting Sindoor in Anokhi's (Debattama Saha) hairline at the temple.

The current track If SAAKK serial is revolving around Shaurya returning home while Vineet got arrested with the help of Anokhi and Babli.

Further, in the last episode of SAAKK, Shaurya asked for Anokhi while Shagun brainwashed Devi to get married to Shaurya.

Now as per the serial gossips of SAAKK, Devi will act of being sick and will emotionally blackmail Shaurya to get engaged to Shaugun and will succeed.

However, Shaurya will meet Anokhi at a temple and will fill her hairline with Sindoor shocking even her.

Let's see what will Anokhi do next in the upcoming twists of SAAKK serial.

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