Shaadi Mubarak: K.T. to be shocked

Shaadi Mubarak: K.T. to be shocked

Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Twist:

In the future episode of Shaadi Mubarak, K.T. (Manav Gohil) will be seen shocked as he comes to know Preeti’s cancer truth.  

Up until now in Shaadi Mubarak story, Kushala (Dolly Minhas) learns about Preeti’s (Rati Pandey) cancer.

Preeti feels uneasy during the ceremony while Kushala requests her not to tell about her cancer news to K.T. as he will get shattered again.

Further, Preeti and Kushala tell lies to K.T. that they are going to Delhi for worshipping Goddess. However, they are going to get Preeti’s surgery done.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Shaadi Mubarak, K.T. will learn about Preeti’s cancer from Juhi as he sees Preeti on T.V. in front of Cancer Hospital.

Later, Preeti will be seen sad as she bids goodbye to her family members according to the gossip news of Shaadi Mubarak story.

Let’s see how K.T. will react to this in the future story of Shaadi Mubarak (शादी मुबारक़).

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