Story 9 Months Ki Review: Tale of becoming a single mother through IVF

Story 9 Months Ki Review: Tale of becoming a single mother through IVF

Story 9 Months Ki Review:

Sony TV’s serial, Story 9 Months Ki essays the plot of a young woman striving to become a mother through the latest IVF technique.

Story 9 months ki serial is produced by Ashraf Abbas and Akash Thakkar and stars Sukriti Kandpal and Aashay Mishra as the main leads.

Story 9 Months Ki brings forward the sensitive topic of single motherhood and the difficulties a woman faces along the way.

Story 9 Months Ki Plot:

Story 9 Months Ki revolves around the life of Alia Shroff and Sarangdhar Pandey and how fate brings these two together.

Alia Shroff is a successful businesswoman and is the CEO of ‘Direct Dil Se’. She is married to Veer in the initial episodes and wishes to become a mother.

However, she gives Veer a divorce when she catches him cheating on her with her friend.

Alia decides to become a mother through the IVF technique and searches for a donor. At the same time, Sarangdhar, who is a writer by profession, reaches Mumbai from Mathura.

Sarangdhar gets a job in Alia’s company while through a series of events, Sarangdhar becomes her donor.

She learns this later and Sarangdhar also gets scared to learn the same. They both struggle to accept the respective truths while Alia doesn’t want Sarangdhar to be involved.

She tries to get rid of him but she gets stuck in Mathura with him. The story proceeds with conspiracies of Sarangdhar’s father and aunt.

Ultimately, Sarangdhar and Alia fall in love and confess their feelings. Their complicated relationship makes it difficult for them to get married.

After 6 years, Sarangdhar and Alia are shown separated. Saranghar lives with his daughter, Sayuri in Mathura while Alia lives with her son Agastya in Mumbai.

Alia has lost her company and is struggling financially while Sarangdhar is a comic artist with the pen name, Azaad Roy.

The story now revolves around Sayuri having a heart problem and Sarangdhar being forced to take her to Mumbai for treatment.

Story 9 Months Ki Cast

Female Lead Actress Sukriti Kandpal as Alia Shroff

Alia Shroff’s role is played by the famous actress, Sukriti Kandpal. She is a mature and independent woman who feels heartbroken after getting cheated on by her husband.

She decides to never trust a man and become a mother through IVF. She is confident and is sure about her decision.

She doesn’t like Sarangdhar at first but eventually falls in love with his simplicity.

Male Lead Actor Aashay Mishra as Sarangdhar Pandey

Aashay Mishra is playing the role of Sarangdhar who is a simple boy with big dreams living in Mathura.

He wishes to become a published writer and moves to Mumbai in search of opportunities.

Sarangdhar likes the carefree and confident nature of Alia and also takes responsibility for the kids even when he didn’t plan.

Story 9 Months Ki Review

Story 9 Months Ki brings a fresh new concept of the IVF technique and throws light on society’s perspective of single motherhood.

The lead actors Sukriti Kandpal and Aashay Mishra play their respective roles with ease while the other stars are also well casted.

Sukriti’s character, Alia is an ambitious woman and is a symbol of what women are capable of these days without any support.

The setback in the story is that after a few minutes each episode turns slow and boring.

The concept is new but the recent episodes are diverting from the main concept and the serial is turning into more of a family drama.

Overall Story 9 Months Ki (स्टोरी 9 मन्थस की) serial has great potential but lacks the required entertainment.

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