Swaran Ghar: Upcoming Story Twist! Vikram is after Swaran!

Swaran Ghar: Upcoming Story Twist! Vikram is after Swaran!

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In the upcoming story of Swaran Ghar, Vikram is after Swaran's reputation.

So far in the story of Swaran Ghar, Vikram plans to search Kanwaljeet's old Will in the house.

On the day of Baisakhi, Kiran manages to send Swaran and others away from Swaran Ghar.

Meanwhile, Vikram and Nakul break into the house and finds Kanwaljeet's hidden box.

However, due to the untimely arrival of Ginni and later Swaran, both Nakul and Vikram flees the scene leaving the box behind.

In the latest episode of Swaran Ghar, Ajit decides to live in Swaran Ghar to provide protection to Swaran despite Swaran's refusal.

Meanwhile, Vikram's lawyer informs him that the only way to challenge the Will is to prove Swaran and Ajit's licentious relationship with each other.

Later, Swaran goes to confront Vikram and tells him that she cannot think of a single thing that he would want from her and therefore is not sure of entering her home like a thief.

On being taken to task by Swaran, Vikram vows to cross his limits to prove Swaran characterless.

As per the latest spoiler of Swarna Ghar, Yug backs out from being party to Vikram's plan against Swaran.

What will happen now? Will Vikram actually create fake evidence against Ajit and Swaran?

Let us continue to watch future story episodes of Swarn Ghar to see how a mother is forced to fight back with her own sons when they cross all limits of her patience.

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