Teri Meri Dooriyaan: Latest Twist! Guilt strikes Sahiba!

Teri Meri Dooriyaan: Latest Twist! Guilt strikes Sahiba!

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In the upcoming story of Teri Meri Doriyaan, Guilt will strike Sahiba as Angad will fight for his life.

So far in the story of TMD, Angad's man Surendra proposes an offer to Sahiba to sell off her shop for 28 lakhs to his client.

Further, Surendra tells Sahiba that the other shopkeepers have accepted his offer and if she refuses then all the deals will be called-off as well.

According to the latest spoiler of Teri Meri Doriyaann, Sahiba's refusal of the offer instigates the shopkeepers to destroy her shop completely.

They light up her shop and Sahiba gets stuck inside amid the fire flames.

However, Angad reaches in time to save Sahiba but gets injured and falls unconscious.

As per Teri Meri Dooriyaan's latest gossip, guilt will take over Sahiba as she blames herself for putting Angad through so much pain.

Will Sahiba be able to forgive herself after Angad gets back to life?

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Teri Meri Dooriyaan to see what turns their lives take after Sahiba and Angad come clean to each other.

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