Teri Meri Ik Jindri Review: Love story of two opposite souls, Jogi and Mahi

Teri Meri Ik Jindri Review: Love story of two opposite souls, Jogi and Mahi

Teri Meri Ik Jindri review:

Zee TV’s serial, Teri Meri Ik Jindri reviews bring a tale of two people with opposite personalities falling in love eventually.

TMIJ serial is produced by Prateek Sharma and stars Amandeep Sidhu and Adhvik Mahajan as main leads.

Teri Meri Ik Jindri brings the story from a small town in Punjab of a young boy Jogi who falls in love with a fearless girl Mahi.

Teri Meri Ik Jindri Story:

Teri Meri Ik Jindri is the story of Jogi and Mahi who are brought together by fate and share a unique relationship.

Jogi falls for Mahi in the first meeting while Mahi thinks of Jogi as just her friend. Jogi helps Mahi at every point while Mahi also turns saviour for Jogi on many occasions.

The main villain in the story is the brother-in-law of Mahi, Pappuji, whose main aim in life is to create hurdles for Mahi.

Jogi tries to protect Mahi from Pappu’s hideous plans. Mahi’s marriage gets fixed with Arjun, who is a fraud and has an affair with Chanda.

Jogi learns this and tries to expose Arjun. Through a series of events, Mahi also learns Arjun’s reality but she is compelled to marry him.

Another character, Gulshan creates problems for Mahi as he makes a video of Jogi and Mahi together.

The video is shown on Mahi and Arjun’s wedding day and the wedding gets called off. Mahi tries to explain to her family that she is just friends with Jogi.

However, Jogi reveals that he loves Mahi leaving everyone in shock. Mahi is blamed for causing shame to their family while she starts hating Jogi.

Later, Arjun again gets ready to marry Mahi but Jogi sits as the groom with Mahi on the wedding day.

Now Mahi doesn’t want to see Jogi’s face but Jogi is adamant to keep Mahi in his life.

Teri Meri Ik Jindri Cast

Female Lead Actress Amandeep Sidhu as Mahi Chopra

Amandeep Sidhu is playing the role of Mahi in the serial. Mahi is an ambitious and goal-oriented girl who likes to earn her own money.

She has big dreams and drives her own Taxi. She is a motivated person and doesn’t like taking a hasty decision in life.

She cares for her family a lot and never wants to lose their trust.

Male Lead Actor Adhvik Mahajan as Joginder Singh Arora “Jogi”

Jogi is a carefree soul and he doesn’t like restrictions in his life. The role is played by a handsome actor, Adhvik Mahajan who is a dashing actor.

Jogi doesn’t have any ambition in life and is just fun-loving. He never feels shy to flirt with Mahi and follows her everywhere.

He is deeply in love with Mahi and takes a hasty decision of marrying her to save her from Arjun.

Teri Meri Ik Jindri Review

Teri Meri Ik Jindri doesn’t really bring any freshness in the story as the hate turning into love kind of tales are very common.

There are the least twists and turns in episodes as the same plot continues for days. The pace is slowly followed by a lack of creativity.

There is no background story or unique concept. It is only a plain simple boy falling for girl story along with a villain to two trying to separate them.

The only progressive thing is that Mahi’s character drives a Taxi which is an unusual profession for girls.

The acting of Adhvik Mahajan and Amandeep Sidhu is good but still the serial fails to impress the audience.

Overall Teri Meri Ik Jindri (तेरी मेरी इक जिंदड़ी) can do better if some twists and turns are added in upcoming episodes.

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