Titli: Upcoming Story! Titlie uncovers Garv’s ACHILLES Heel

Titli: Upcoming Story! Titlie uncovers Garv’s ACHILLES Heel

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In the upcoming story of Titli, Titlie will go all out to unveil Garv’s Achilles heel.

The current story of Titli revolves around Titli planning a surprise for Garv where she includes Garv’s nostalgic childhood pictures but Garv goes berserk and ends up causing harm to Titli.

Meanwhile, Garv’s family, especially Koyal, is going to great lengths to conceal the secret of Garv’s strange outbursts from Titli.

As per the latest spoiler of Titli, Titlie will stumble upon Cheeku’s death certificate, which is actually the root cause of Garv’s weird anger.

Titli decides to investigate further when she calls the hospital mentioned on the death certificate, but her conversation gets abruptly interrupted by Garv.

In the future story of Titli, Manikant receives a call on the landline from the same hospital that Titli was trying to contact, piquing Manikant’s curiosity about the person who wants to uncover the truth.

Let us see how Manikant will find out about the detective who wants to know about Mehta’s history in future episodes of Titli.

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