TMIJ: Mahi promises Rupa of taking revenge

TMIJ: Mahi promises Rupa of taking revenge

TMIJ Upcoming Story:

In the upcoming twist of TMEJ serial, Mahi (Amandeep Sindhu) will promise Rupa of taking revenge on Pappu and Chanda for hurting Jogi (Adhvik Mahajan).

The current story of TMIJ story revolves around Pappu and Chanda bringing a real doctor to prove that Jogi is lying to his family.

However, in the last episode of TMIJ serial, Jogi bore all the pain given by Pappu while Biji and Rupa ran after him and Chanda for injuring Jogi.

Now as per the latest spoilers of TMIJ, Mahi will take care of Jonogi and will sleep next to him while Rupa will come there to talk to her.

Further, Rupa will tell her that she needs to teach a lesson to Pappu for hurting Jogi while Mahi will promise her that she will take care of it.

Let's see what will Mahi do next in the serial gossips of TMIJ serial.

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