Udaan Latest Spoiler: Chakor Plans to Fool RV

Udaan Latest Spoiler: Chakor Plans to Fool RV

Udaan latest serial update:

Udaan, a popular daily soap on Colors will see some high end drama in the upcoming episodes.

According to the plot, Chakor makes a plan with Vanshika and Jaya where asks them to surrender to RV.

RV finds Chakor and fires a bullet at her but according to the plan Jaya has already replaced the bullets with fake ones.

RV gets fooled and sets Vanshika and Jaya free thinking Chakor is dead.

Chakor escapes and decides to save Anjie.

In the upcoming episode, Chakor succeeds in her first plan by disguising as Chaya.

She manages to steal diamonds from Buajis locker and gifts them to RV.

Buaji tries to convince RV that Chaya is Chakor but RV says to get a Shanti Puja done as she is not well.

Keep watching Udaan to find out if Chakor succeeds in finding Anjie or not.


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