Udaariyaan: Fateh stands up for Tejo

Udaariyaan: Fateh stands up for Tejo

Udaariyaan Gossip:

In the upcoming episodes of Udaariyaan serial, Gurpreet will be scolding Tejo (Priyanka Choudhary) while Fateh (Ankit Gupta) will take a stand for Tejo and will support her.

So far in Udaariyan story, Jasmin sent a message to Fateh to meet her but he didn't go which hurt her ego.

Further, in the last episode of Udaaria, Jasmin went to her uncle's house while Fateh looked on from far.

Now as per the upcoming twists of Udaariyan, Fateh's family will come back and Gurpreet will scold Tejo for going into the storeroom without her permission.

However, Fateh will stand for Tejo and will tell Gurpreet to praise Tejo as she cleaned the storeroom for her.

Let's see how will Gurpreet react to this in the upcoming story of Udaariyaan.

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