Udaariyaan Gossip: Fateh fails to save Tejo

Udaariyaan Gossip: Fateh fails to save Tejo

Udaariyaan Gossip:

In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Tejo will get in a dangerous situation as a guy will point the gun towards her and will demand her to call Fateh.

The current story of the Udaariyan serial revolves around Fateh falling unconscious due to street and low blood pressure while Jasmin took help from Nimmo.

Further, Nimmo and Tejo confronted Jasmin while she made up a lie and left from there making Tejo even more suspicious.

Now as per the upcoming story of Udariyan, a guy will misbehave with Tejo in the market after which Fateh will slap him for it.

However, the guy will later point a gun at Tejo at college and will demand her call Fateh there while Fateh will not accept Tejo's call according to spoilers of Udariya.

Let's see what will Tejo do to save herself in the upcoming twist of Udaria.

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