Udaariyaan gossip: Tejo exposes Fateh and Jasmine

Udaariyaan gossip: Tejo exposes Fateh and Jasmine

Udaariyaan gossip: 

In the upcoming Udaariaan serial episodes, Tejo tells Fateh’s family about his and Jasmine’s affair.

The current story of Udariyan revolves around Tejo finding out about the secret relationship between her husband, Fateh, and her sister, Jasmine.

Now, as per the spoilers of Udaariyan, Tejo will tell Jasmine that she'll take her to the place she always wanted to go to and will take her to Fateh's place.

At Fateh's house, everyone will question Tejo why she has brought Jasmine there. Tejo will tell everyone that Fateh has cheated upon her with Jasmine. Hearing this everyone will get shocked.

Tejo tells them that she has seen this truth in the party where Fateh and Jasmine introduced themselves to everyone as husband and wife.

Further, Fateh will come back home when Khushbeer will slap him after knowing about his relationship with Jasmine, according to the spoiler of Udaarian.

Let us see what Fateh and Jasmine are going to do next, in the upcoming twists of the Udaria serial.

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