Udaariyaan Gossip: Tejo finds out about Fateh's lie

Udaariyaan Gossip: Tejo finds out about Fateh's lie

Udaariyaan gossip:

In the upcoming Udaariyaan serial episode, Tejo will find out that Fateh lied to her to meet up with Jasmin and will be heartbroken.

Up until now in Udariyaan story, Fateh lied to Tejo and told Jasmin that he is still in love with her.

Further, in the recent episodes of Udaariyan, Jasmin told him to meet up with her and he agreed after which he lied to Tejo that he is going for a meeting.

Now as per the serial spoilers of Udaariya, Tejo will compliment Jasmin on her looks while Fateh will try to call Jasmin.

Tejo will take Jasmin's phone to click their picture together but will get shocked seeing the incoming call from Fateh.

She will receive the call to hear that Fateh is waiting for Jasmin's arrival which will break her heart according to the upcoming twists of Udaariyaan serial.

Let's see what will Tejo do next in the upcoming story of Udaariyaan.

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