Udaariyaan Gossip: Tejo tries to escape from Jass

Udaariyaan Gossip: Tejo tries to escape from Jass

Udaariyaan gossip:

In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Jasmin and Fateh will be arguing while Tejo will try to save herself from Jass.

The current story of the Udaariyan serial revolves around Tejo dancing with Angad while Fateh looks on and gets jealous.

Further, Jasmin proposes to Fateh for engagement in hopes to ruin the party but Fateh from there makes her embarrassed.

Now as per the upcoming twists of Udariyan,  Jasmin will go outside and Fateh will go after her to comfort her while Jass will cover the farmhouse in petrol and will light a fire to it.

Tejo will see him from behind and question him but will start running towards the farm after Jass will threaten to light her on fire with a container of petrol in his hands, according to the spoilers of Udariya.

Let's see what will Tejo do next in the upcoming story of Udaria.

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