Udaariyaan: Latest Gossip! Angad is suspecting Jasmine!

Udaariyaan: Latest Gossip! Angad is suspecting Jasmine!

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In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Angad is seen questioning each and every move of Jasmine as he considers them to be fishy.

So far in the story of Udariyan, Tejo and Fateh are walking on their way to get married after fighting all the odds they had to face.

The audience was thrilled to see Jasmine back in her evil character in the recent promos of Udaria.

However, things turned out to be completely distinct when Jasmine was planning Fateh's proposal for Tejo instead of something wicked.

Currently, in Udaariyan, Angad is keeping an eye on Jasmine as he is doubtful of her trying to ruin Tejo's life again.

On the contrary, Angad is also provoking Jasmine by reminding her that she is going to lose Fateh forever.

Is Angad trying to use Jasmine to break Fateh and Tejo's marriage or does he genuinely wants Tejo to be happy with Fateh?

Will Jasmine get swayed off by Angad's words and do something to ruin her sister's happiness again?

Let us see what happens next, in the upcoming plot of the Udaria serial.

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