Udaariyaan: Latest Spoiler! Tejo reveals her real identity as Tanya Gill!

Udaariyaan: Latest Spoiler! Tejo reveals her real identity as Tanya Gill!

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In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Fateh will be seen being terribly broken after Amrik's incident.

The current story of Udariyan revolves around Angad firing a bullet toward Tejo to end the main reason for all his problems.

However, Amrik takes the bullet on himself and does not make it.

The audience is stunned by Amrik's sudden death which may change a lot of things in the lives of the leads.

Now, as per the gossip of Udaariyan, Fateh is devastated after losing his dear brother, Amrik.

Tejo goes to console him when he opens his arms to hug her.

However, Fateh and the viewers are astounded when Tejo restricts him from coming close to her.

Tejo says that she is not Tejo and her real name is Tanya Gill.

Bigger suspense uncovers when Tanya says that she is an officer of the Punjab Police.

Tanya's words mentioning that "Tejo Sandhu is dead" make Fateh feels every heartbeat like a stab in his heart.

Having heard this truth from Tanya, Fateh sits on the ground and cries his eyes out recalling his failure to save the love of his life, according to the upcoming twists of Udaria.

Let us see whether Tanya brings light to Fateh's dreary life, in the future episodes of the Udariya serial.

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