Udaariyaan: Latest Spoiler! Tejo to burn Angad Alive!

Udaariyaan: Latest Spoiler! Tejo to burn Angad Alive!

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The current story of Udariyan revolves around Tanya confessing to Fateh that she is Tejo.

However, Tejo accuses Fateh of attempting to kill her.

In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Fateh proves himself innocent to Tejo and they get on the mission to find the real culprit.

Now, as per the gossip of Udaariyan, with Jasmine and Amrik's help, Fateh investigates to find out who knew about Tejo and Fateh's meeting before Tejo faced the fire outbreak.

The audience will be thrilled to watch how Fateh and Tejo find out that Angad had tried to kill Tejo because he couldn't see Tejo reunite with Fateh.

After having seen her death in front of her, Tejo had decided to take her revenge.

Now, when Tejo knows the real culprit, she determines to let Angad have a taste of his own deeds.

Tejo plans to make Angad feel every pain she has gone through while he burnt her alive and decides to set Angad and his vicious personality on fire, according to the upcoming twists of Udaria.

Let us see how will Tejo burn Angad in the fire of her revenge, in the upcoming twists of the Udariya serial.

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