Udaariyaan: New Cast! Rohit Purohit Is The Negative Cast!

Udaariyaan: New Cast! Rohit Purohit Is The Negative Cast!

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In the upcoming story of the Udaariyan serial, Rohit Purohit will be revealed as the new face introduced in the episodes recently.

So far in the story of the serial, Ekam's father Jay has asked Ekam to break up with Nehmat and stay away from her.

Currently, Twinkle Arora, Sonakshi Batra and Hitesh Bhardwaj are playing the lead roles of Nehmat, Naaz and Ekam.

As per the latest spoilers, Rohit Purohit will be introduced as the new villain in the show and he will be from a rich and sophisticated Kapoor family.

Will Rohit become the new antagonist to the already entangled trio of Nehmat, Naaz and Ekam and play the same role as Angad Mann in Tejo, Jasmine and Ekam's quadruple?

Let us see who snatches the villain's heart and if Nehmat and Ekam's love can sustain a new rival in the upcoming episodes of Udaariyaan.

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