Udaariyaan Promo: Fateh's one-sided love for Jasmin

Udaariyaan Promo: Fateh's one-sided love for Jasmin

Udaariyaan Recent Promo:

Colors TV has released the new promo of Udariyaan, the upcoming serial, and has revealed the first look of Fateh who is going to be portrayed by the handsome actor, Ankit Gupta.

Based on the latest promo of Udaariyan, Fateh will be getting happy to see Jasmin and dreaming to go to Canada with her.

In the serial, Fateh is a boxer who is in love with Jasmin while Jasmin's dream is to go to Canada.

The recent Udaariyaan Promo shows Fateh in boxing practice while he gets distracted by the sound of an airplane and getting punched.

His coach tells him to focus while he runs away there and rushes to his home.

He will go to his room and will reach the terrace with his binoculars and will look at Jasmin and his family dancing and seeing the airplane with the sign of the Canada flag.

He will say that he is where Jasmin is and will dream of going to Canada with her.

The upcoming serial is the first venture of production house Dreamityata by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey in the daily soap genre.

Udaariyaan serial promo showcases other stars alongside Ankit like Priyanka Chaudhari as Tejo and Isha Malviya as Jasmin.

Let's see if Fateh's one-sided love story blooms into mutual love in the upcoming episodes of Udaariyaan.

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