Udaariyaan: Upcoming Promo! Harleen Brings Ekam & Nehmat Together!

Udaariyaan: Upcoming Promo! Harleen Brings Ekam & Nehmat Together!

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In the upcoming story of Udaariyaan, Harleen will bring Ekam and Nehmat together! 

The current track of the serial Udaariyaan revolves around Nehmat facing abuse at Advait's hand.

In order to prove Advait's illicit relation with Malika, Nehmat records his words on the phone when he taunts her, saying she is nothing in front of him and his family as they can even prove her fake pregnancy and miscarriage true.

However, this pisses off Advait and he tries to get Nehmat's phone but she runs away.

According to the latest spoiler of Udaariyaan, Harleen grows feelings for Ekam while Renuka asks Nehmat to stay away from Ekam and let him move on in his life.

This will pave way for Harleen's engagement to happen with Ekam where Nehmat will dance happily on the outside but sad on the inside.

As per the upcoming BIG twist, Harleen will suddenly realize that she is doing wrong by marrying Ekam since he cares so much for Nehmat.

What will happen now? Will Harleen bring Ekam & Nehmat together unlike Jasmine who tried to sow seeds of hatred between Fateh & Tejo? 

Let us see what is in store for Ekam and Nehmat & whether Harleen's character is negative like Jasmine or not in the future episodes of Udariyaan.

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