Udaariyaan: Upcoming Story! Nehmat SLAPS Naaz!

Udaariyaan: Upcoming Story! Nehmat SLAPS Naaz!

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In the upcoming story of the Udaariyan serial, Nehmat will slap Naaz!

So far in the story of the Uddariyan serial, Naaz steals Nehmat’s earrings which were gifted by Ekam.

The earrings belonged to Ekam’s deceased grandmother who died 15 years ago and wanted him to become a police officer.

Meanwhile, Ekam leaves Nehmat when he finds out she lost the earrings and lied to him.

As per the spoilers, Nehmat will slap Naaz after she accepts her crime of stealing the earrings.

Later, Nehmat will try to buy the earrings back as she cannot bear separation from Ekam.

However, Naaz will not tell her the location as she wants Nehmat to suffer as she did for Varun.

Let us see if Nehmat will retrieve the earrings and how Advait and Naaz will bond to break Nehmat and Ekam's relationship in the upcoming episodes of Udaariyaan.

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