Udaariyaan: Upcoming Story! Tejo and Fateh in an election face-off!

Udaariyaan: Upcoming Story! Tejo and Fateh in an election face-off!

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In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Fateh and Tejo will be seen in an election face-off as their parents are representing two opposite political parties.

So far in the story of Udariyan, Tejo got Khushbeer's name cleared by explaining the importance of his presence as a political leader to the party he had initially served.

The audience was given a sign of relief when with Tejo's efforts the party invites Khushbeer back to their party and also elects him to represent them in the elections.

Finally, Khushbeer's forgiveness could bring Fateh and Tejo back together is what everyone wanted.

As per the spoilers of Udaariyaan, Tejo will get into crisis when her father, Ruppi gets selected as the candidate against Khushbeer's opposition political party.

Now, Tejo is compelled to stand in support of her father which shocks the Virk family.

The things get unfortunately misunderstood as the Virk family considers everything to be Tejo's plan to take revenge in the upcoming twists of the serial.

Let us see who wins the elections and how will it affect Tejo and Fateh's lives in the future story of the Udaariyan serial.

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