Udaariyaan: Upcoming Twist! Ekam Gets JEALOUS of Nehmat's Proposal!

Udaariyaan: Upcoming Twist! Ekam Gets JEALOUS of Nehmat's Proposal!

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In the upcoming story of the Udaariyan serial, Nehmat will get a marriage proposal and Ekam will get jealous!

So far in the story of the Uddariyan serial, Ekam and Nehmat express their trust in each other and boast about the absence of jealousy in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Malika gets a marriage proposal from a rich family and Nehmat gives her moral support while meeting the potential groom named Gautam.

However, Naaz tries to woo Gautam with her fake innocence but like always she loses to Nehmat's charm.

As per the spoilers of the serial Udarian, Nehmat will help Malika get out of the awkward situation by conversing with Gautam about random things.

However, Gautam will like Nehmat's kind and wise nature.

In the upcoming serial of Udariyan, Gautam will send a marriage proposal to Nehmat making Ekam jealous.

Let us see if Ekam will be able to bear Nehmat getting marriage proposals from other men and. if Renuka will refuse to accept Ekam and Nehmat's relationship in the upcoming episodes of Udaariyaan.

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