Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist: Fateh gets beaten up

Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist: Fateh gets beaten up

Udaariyaan upcoming twist:

In the future Udariyaan serial episodes, Jass and his goons will beat up Fateh while planning to torture Tejo later.

The current story of the Udaariyan serial revolves around Jass capturing Tejo and her family and locking them while Jasmin distracts Fateh from the phone.

Later, Fateh finds Tejo's missed calls and goes to meet her where they form a plan to go to the police station the next day.

Now as per the serial gossips of Udariyan, Fateh will be waiting for Tejo while someone will cover his head with a cloth and will further beat him up with hockey.

Meanwhile, Jass will think to destroy Tejo's life for trying to be smart with him, according to the spoilers of Udariya.

Let's see what will Fateh do next in the upcoming story of Udaria.

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